Frequently Asked Questions

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Why Choose Gino’s Mobile Window Tinting?

Custom window tinting is what we are known for! Gino’s Mobile Window Tinting has been in the window tinting services business since 1980 and has the expertise, skills, and experience to take care of all of your tinting needs.

We are one of Southern Florida’s fastest-growing window tinting companies and your best choice for quality tint installation.

How does window film work?

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How is window film installed?

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What is the warranty?

We offer a lifetime warranty on all automotive installations and a 15-year warranty on residential and commercial installations. And our standard manufacturer’s warranty protects against fading, bubbling, peeling, demetallizing, delaminating, and adhesive failure.

Is window film installed on the interior or exterior?

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Is window film available in different colors and tints?

Yes, we offer different window tint and film styles and a variety of shades, colors, and UV-blocking properties.

Is window film scratch proof?

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